We have worked together with Grandmaster Jun Dacayana to provide a modular structured syllabus of 14 modules and one Associate Module for our students to study.

Dacayana Eskrima is a COMPLETE MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM which covers all weapons, ranges, techniques, drills, skills, tools and applications.

It explodes the myth of Eskrima being just 'stick fighting'! The system uses weapons to create ability and skill for every eventuality. The system is initially studied from level 1 to level 8 ( Black Belt 1st Degree) using the following five Dacayana Modules: Solo Olisi (Single Stick) Doble Olisi (Double Stick) Balla Balla (Unique Dacayana training methods) Olisi Kutselyo/ Espada Y Daga (Stick/Sword & Dagger) Sumbagay (Empty Hand System) The modules are generally taught in this order with emphasis on the comprehensive Solo Olisi module for beginners. Students take around 2-5 years to become a Black Belt 1st Degree level in the system.

We then study the following modules from 1st to 6th Degree Black Belt: Saguidas Combat Judo Kutselyo Kwarenta Pulgada Tirada Ug Depensa (KPTD) Layog & Sarong Advanced Solo Olisi (includes Binonaly) Advanced Sumbagay Eskrima Patid Application of Knowledge

Freemasonry Stick and Dagger
Dacayana Hereford