Dacayana UK teaches the family system of indigenous Filipino Martial Arts directly from Grandmaster Jun Dacayana whose Headquarters is in Cebu city Philippines.

Dacayana UK was founded in the Autumn of 2006 by John 'Jo' Biggs and Marcie Harding. Jo Biggs had first studied Filipino Martial Arts in the 1980's soon after it first appeared in the UK and Marcie Harding had been running her own FMA group since 2003. Both wanted to enrich the current FMA offerings in the UK and allow their students to have access to pure lineage directly from the Philippines.

In 2012 Dacayana UK was renamed Dacayana UK & Europe in recognition of new European coaches starting out to teach the system. In recent years the growth of the system has been led by European Director Marcie Harding. Marcie is supported in her role By UK & Europe Representative John Devereaux and the Principal, Senior & Authorised Coaches already teaching the system.

Dacayana UK & Europe are the only group in the UK and throughout Europe authorised to teach his system.

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