SSD Eskrima was established on May the Fourth 2017 and is the only Hereford martial arts class that teaches the Dacayana family style of eskrima. 

A lot is made of provenance these days, so with that in mind the diagram below shows the lineage of the Dacayana Hereford Coach Joseph principally trained under UK And Europe Coach John Devereaux, who is currently the second highest graded Dacayana Eskrima practitioner in Europe and an Associate Coach and UK / European Representative.

Joseph now also regularly trains with  European Director Marcie Harding, Joseph has also trained with Grand Master Jun Dacayana when he has visited the UK What does this all mean?

Primarily, that what is taught in the classes is true to the origin and has not been diluted, the techniques are true to GM Jun Dacayana's style taught in the Philippines